Dyer Limestone Kiln

Located just west of the Village Limits on Sand Rd. is one of three historic structures in Bellevue in a small road side park.

dyer kilnThe park contains the remains of the third successful lime kiln to be operated in this area. The first was built west of the Dyer location along the Canadian National Railroad tracks by a Mr. Holden.  A second was built east of this location on the same land that would later be used by Michigan Alkali and others in the processing of limestone. Of the three, the Dyer Kiln is the best preserved and the only site accessible by road. The Dyer Kiln was built in approximately 1880 and ran until 1899.

The records do show a kiln somewhat north of the Dyer location that predated all three mentioned above, but it was unsuccessful and nothing remains of it. It is only worth mentioning because during construction, a man only remembered as Mr. Baker was killed by a cave-in while (while digging the foundation). His death and subsequent burial brought about the realization of a need for a cemetery for the community.