The Historic Gothic Mill

gothic millJust a block east of Village Hall this historic mill is perched on the river.  The Bellevue Gothic Mill was built in 1854. It is 45 feet long and 35 feet wide. The basement walls are field stone, 19 feet high and 3 feet thick. The timbers that form the frame are mortis and tenon and are as large as 14"x14". Hiram Overshire took over the mill in 1873. He replaced the old worn stone millstones with steel roller mills. He added a waterwheel and two forty-three horsepower turbines. By 1929 the mill was producing up to sixty barrels of flour per day and by 1949 was the only mill for 50 miles around. The mill finally ceased operations in 1958 and began to deteriorate for the next twenty years. The mill was registered as a State and National Historic Site in 1970.

Then in 1977, William Stockhausen, and his wife Carole Jean Stockhausen, purchased the old mill and began restorations. Within 5 years they had finished the exterior and had the turbines producing power again. By 2016, the mill was nearly completely restored. The turbines in the basement are producing enough electricity to require selling the excess. The interior of the mill has been transformed into beautiful living quarters.

The Bellevue Gothic Mill is now open for tours during some festivals throughout the year. There is no need to wait, however, there is a virtual tour online at YouTube. Historic Mill Video