Downtown Development Authority

The Downtown Development Authority is comprised of citizens who represent businesses and property owners of the Downtown District.  The DDA meets at 10 a.m. the 2nd Monday of each month, usually at Village Hall.  DDA By Laws - DDA Board of Directors/Members - Agendas & Minutes

"The mission of the Bellevue Downtown Development Authority is to pursue the revitalization of a traditional, vibrant, and attractive central business district that creates economic opportunities, promotes a unique identity, and enhances the future quality of life for both residents and visitors."

Bellevue's DDA offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, regardless of age or experience, to assist anyone who would like to open a business. The program addresses steps to take in starting a business all the way from beginning with only an idea through opening to the public, including mentoring with active business owners or, in Bellevue's case, offering free locations, advertising and even signage. Obviously resourceful members of Bellevue's DDA hope this progressive approach will attract and keep businesses of any size or service active in a village where several empty storefronts serve as reminders of too many businesses come and gone, some within only a year's time.  Click Here for a PDF with details.

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was created to promote and enhance the commercial core of the community, to preserve public investment and to improve the viability of businesses within the DDA District.  The DDA works to coordinate downtown development, revitalization, business recruitment, and promotion.

The Washington Park improvements was one of the first projects by the DDA. 

washington park