Bellevue, Michigan Village Council

Denise Poyer - Village President

The Village President is the chief executive officer of the Village, and is responsible for presiding at Council meetings and recommending people for appointment to various committees and commissions. The president also has the same duties as a trustee. Term ends November 2018.

Lisa Redmer - Village President Pro Tem

When the president is absent, the president pro tem (who is appointed by the council) presides at council meetings and exercises all powers and duties of the president.  The president pro tem has the same duties as a trustee.  Term ends November 2018.


The Trustees are the legislators for the Village. There are six trustees, in addition to the president and president pro tem. They are responsible for approving the budget, approving payment of bills, adopting ordinances, setting tax rates, and any other Village business that may come before them.

Hannah Coy term ends Nov. 2018
Mark Goodrich term ends Nov. 2018
Shane Lundy term ends Nov. 2018
Jody Mann term ends Nov. 2018
Robert Miller term ends Nov. 2018