Bellevue, Michigan - Zoning


village hallThe Village Zoning Ordinance and zoning forms are available at Bellevue Village Hall. Some zoning forms are available through the links below. Contact the Zoning Administrator for more information.

Village Zoning Referral Permit: Required before you can obtain a building permit.

Building Permits: Required before you can build anything. Available from the Eaton County Building Codes Department.

  Zoning Applications and Forms
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Application For Zoning Compliance

Multiple Family Processing Form
Multiple Family Site Plan Application

Non-Residential Processing Form
Non-Residential Site Plan Application

Rezoning Application
Rezoning Processing Form
Rezoning Request Procedure
Site Plan Review Checklist
Site Plan Review Procedure

Site Plan Review Procedure

Special Land Uses Application
Special Land Use Processing Form

Zoning Board of Appeals Application
Zoning Board of Appeal Processing Form

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