Bellevue Recycling - Compost - Garbage


Recycling Site

Bellevue Township, City of Olivet, Village of Bellevue, and Walton Township, with the assistance of the Eaton County Resource Recovery Department, partnered beginning in 2009 to provide our residents an opportunity to recycle closer to home.  Here is a link to Eaton County Recycling Sites.

 This cooperative effort has been established to provide our community members with a requested "green" service that will benefit current and future generations.

The recycling drop off site is located on the south side of Butterfield Hwy just west of the City of Olivet. Butterfield Hwy is the road that runs between Bellevue and Olivet and is also known as M-78 between the Village of Bellevue and I-69.

The site has scheduled hours and is staffed. We ask your cooperation in following all rules and direction given by site staff. Site hours and the recyclable material the site accepts are listed in the flier at the following link Click for PDF

Compost Site

The Department of Public Works (DPW) maintains a Village compost site located on S. Williams St that shares an entrance with Keehne Environmental Center. It is for Village residents only. The site accepts leaves, grass clippings, and brush. The piles are clearly marked as to what belongs where so make sure you are dropping off only acceptable items in the appropriate place. Community members are welcome to take as much compost as they need. Availability is on a first come first serve basis.

Spring Clean Up Event Flyer

“The Village of Bellevue and Bellevue Township work together to hold a Community Spring Clean-Up Day, scheduled on the first Saturday in May every other year on even years. As the event approaches information will be posted on the Village’s website and Facebook page, in Village newsletters, and local newspapers. The events hours are 8:00 a.m. until noon. It is held at the compost site.

This event is held to assist homeowners in cleaning up their properties after the winter months. It normally accepts several types of materials such as rubbish & junk, scrap metal, tires, and used automotive fluids. What is accepted may change from event to event based on community needs and the ability to find participants to accept collected material.”

Village Leaf Pick Up Program

The Village Leaf Pick up is a community wide program that takes place in late fall when the leaves are falling and down. The pick up is a service the Village offers. The program was put into place when a no burning ordinance took effect. The ordinance combined with the pick up program has made a substantial improvement in the air quality within the Village in late fall.

Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is done by private solid waste haulers. Arrangements are between the property owner and the hauler.