Sewer & Water Bellevue, Michigan


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Water Quality Reports


The Wastewater Treatment Plant is located at 9975 Battle Creek Rd. Their telephone number is (269) 763-3370. The plant is responsible for the treatment of all waste products collected by the sanitary sewer system within the Village of Bellevue. The treatment process takes place in an environmentally friendly way and complies with state and federal regulations. The Sewer Department treats an average of 120,000 gallons per day. The department collects and tests wastewater samples on a daily basis.

The wastewater plant, three Village owned lift stations and the sewer mains are constantly undergoing repairs and reconstruction. These projects will continue into the future as the Village works to remain in compliance with State and Federal regulations and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our infrastructure.


The Water Department is located at 220 Jefferson St. The water tower, both Village wells and the iron removal plant are located at this site. The water system supplies an average of 110,000 gallons of water per day to Village residents.
To ensure the health and safety of the Village, the Public Works Department collects water samples on a regular basis, following State guidelines, and tests them for bacteria and other foreign material. All of these samples have been negative and within limits set by the Michigan Department of Environmental
Quality. The Village does not add any substances to our water system except for those required by the State of Michigan. We do not add fluoride to our water system.
The Village is constantly undertaking projects to upgrade the water system infrastructure. This includes repairing or replacing water mains. These projects have improved the overall strength of the water system. The Village is planning on continuing these improvements into the future as the budget allows.