Streets & Sidewalks - Bellevue, Michigan


The Village of Bellevue does the following: routine maintenance, chip sealing, and continued repairs and replacing of the streets in the worst condition. Routine maintenance includes patching potholes in streets, grading and spraying chloride on the few remaining gravel streets in the Village, and snow plowing.

The Village takes our responsibility to maintain our street infrastructure seriously. Our public works department works very hard to keep our streets in good condition and is noted for their commitment to keeping the streets open and drivable in the winter months.

In 2006 the Village undertook an aggressive sidewalk project and completed approximately $40,000.00 or 10,500 square feet of sidewalk throughout the community. We will continue to seek out sidewalk in poor condition and budget available funds to address these locations.

We do accept requests from property owners to have sidewalk replaced with a 50/50 split between property owner and village. If this is something of interest to you please contact Bellevue Village Hall.