Utility Rates Bellevue, Michigan


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The Village bills water, sewer and capital improvement on a quarterly basis. All charges are contained on one bill, which is usually mailed at or about the end of each calendar quarter. The following chart shows when you may expect a utility bill and the time period the bill covers:



Billing Month

1st Qtr.

Jan, Feb, March Usage


2nd Qtr.

Apr, May, June Usage


3rd Qtr.

July, Aug, Sept Usage


4th Qtr.

Oct, Nov, Dec Usage


Questions about your utility bills should be directed to Village Hall at (269) 763-9571.

Outside Water Use

The Village bases their sewer charges on the amount of water used each quarter. To avoid paying sewer charges on water used for outside purposes, such as lawn watering and swimming pools, residents may purchase a second water meter or have the sewer portion of the bill based on average usage. The resident would then be given a water meter to be plumbed and installed by the resident's licensed contractor. After installation, an inspection from Water Department personnel is required prior to service being started. In order for an average usage to be used in figuring a utility bill the property owner must contact Village Hall.

Utility Rates

Water Rates:
$4.35 per 1000 gallons usage with a minimum billing of $24.00 per quarter.

Sewer Rates:
$11.95 per 1000 gallons usage with a minimum billing of $48.00 per quarter.

Capital Improvement:
$36.00 charge per benefit unit per quarter.