Bellevue Michigan
First in Eaton County

Halloween Pumpkin Drop Festival

scarecrowThroughout the month of October excitement builds in the Village of Bellevue as more and more homes and businesses burst out with Halloween decorations. Then on the Saturday before Halloween the festival gets underway. The beginning is marked with Bellevue's Signature Pumpkin Drop. The Master of Ceremonies ascends 40' into the air above Washington Park and drops the ceremonial pumpkin to the ground below. The spectators cheer and and beg for more.

Included in the festival are games, food, music and the colorful Costume Parade. In addition, there is the much anticipated judging of the coolest home decoration and business decoration. All month long the decorations have been going up and citizens have been voting for their favorites online. The winner each year is invited to act as Master of Ceremonies for the coming year and drop that pumpkin. This year the village plans to print a map so folks can drive or walk throughout the Village to admire the creative decorations.

The festival is a Downtown Development Authority project.