Bellevue Michigan
First in Eaton County

Community Pride Day

The Bellevue National Honor Society and the Village of Bellevue bring Bellevue Community Pride Day to the residents annually.  This is an annual event that takes place on the Friday before the annual spring clean up event.  This will usually be the first Friday in May.  The times of the event are determined once the list of services requested is compiled. 


On this day, our high school students volunteer time and labor and give back to the community that is always so generous to them.  We would like you to find tasks for the students to perform that day, inside or outside.  Students will also be volunteering throughout the community.

We also accept donations that will help with the clean-up:  rakes, gloves, shovels, flowers, leaf bags, etc.  If you are willing to donate and/or would like to take part in Bellevue Community Pride day, please fill out the linked form and return it to Bellevue High School or the Village Hall c/o Lisa Redmer.